Happy Hour Special - Pick Any 4 Mixes, $35

Summer Special
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Price $35.00

Choose any 4 of our 21 flavors

All of our Cocktail Mixes can be made Slushy, On The Rocks or as a Martini.

Our Wine & Sangria Mixes can be made with any type of inexpensive ($5) bottle of Wine: Red, White, Blush, or Champagne.

Slushy-No ice or blender, just mix in a gallon baggie and freeze. If it is an impromtu event you can make in a blender and enjoy our slushy cocktails within 5 minutes!

Martini-can be made slushy in a gallon baggie or as a traditional Martini in a shaker.  

Cocktail vs. Martini-All of our Mixes can be made to your taste preference. Two (2) cups of alcohol will make make a regular cocktail, Three (3) cups of alcohol will make a martini